Vacation Rental Software - BCH MultiServices

Manage your from a single platform

Owners, brokers and collaborators, working together from the same booking system.

What can you do with BCH?

  • Customizable booking calendar, choose what to see and how to see it.
  • Check the availability of the service for any given date or range.
  • No more overbooking.
  • Book instantly without the need to wait for confirmation, between BCH members.
  • Control your work team from our planning tool.
  • Easily add, delete and modify bookings.
  • Working together with your collaborators has never been so easy.
  • Accept and centralize payments from customers automatically, easily and securely.


Simplify the management of your business, from finances to control of reservations. Focus on your customers!

We know how stressful managing vacation services can be, so we want to help you and make your way easier so you can start working as soon as possible.

How we do it?

1. We use your current website and integrate the platform.

2. We adapt and customize the system to your business.

3. Add your team, services and collaborators.

4. Start working!

Don't you have your own website? We take care of everything so you can start working as soon as possible.

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If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Yes, you can integrate your current website with BCH. But it will be necessary to migrate it to be able to enjoy all the features of the software in full. Don't worry, we take care of everything.

Up to a maximum of 20 users may be registered per subscription.

Yes, you will be able to work on the positioning of your company from the BCH system.

You can integrate several payment methods in the system such as: Bank transfer, Virtual POS (Redsys), Cash, physical TVP, Paypal, Bizum

Yes, it is possible to synchronize the calendar with that of other platforms.

We will do the initial set-up of the system and we will guide you to know how to use the system. But you will not need any technician, the system is easy and intuitive.

See what our customers think about us

Desde que empezamos a trabajar con el sistema de BCH, la agilidad y eficacía de mis reservas han aumentado considerablemente. Gracias al sistema de pagos online, hemos conseguido aumentar nuestros beneficios. Lo recomendamos 100%

Álvaro Riera

Propietario de barcos

El equipo de BCH está atento en todo momento a cualquier incidencia o duda que nos haya podido surgir en el proceso de adaptación a su sistema. ¡Un equipo muy profesional!

María López

Empresa de Transfers

Su calendario es una maravilla, me simplifica mucho el trabajo diario a la hora de planificar las reservas y el equipo, lo puedes personalizar como quieras. Poder visualizar en simple vista que reservas tienen un capitán asignado con un simple icono, es algo que un calendario genérico no me puede facilitar.

Mark Baier

Boats & Charters

Sistema muy intuitivo y fácil de usar para todos los trabajadores de mi empresa.

Sarah Nathans

Concierge service